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Helping where needed.

The world has enough businesses with the goal of making more money. Here at L1fechoices, our goal is to give more away than we keep.

Profits from our events go on to help where needed. So far we have donated over £4000 to charitable causes and endeavour to donate more. 

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"We want to give to others, the world already takes enough. That's why our profits always goes to help others."

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Committed to healthy mental health

Mental health is important to everyone. We all deserve good mental health. Our friends at Inside out are here to help if you need any mental support. Head over to their website and see what they have for you.

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Financial Support  Fund

Money isn't everything, but sometimes it can go a long way to support those in need. We will open various funding applications when we have the budget to do so.

Funding Opportunities will be available towards the end of year.

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Spiritual Support

You don't have to be spiritual to seek spiritual support. Sometimes we all need a spiritual uplifting, especially when life gets hard.

Be sure to look check out some of our spiritually themed events and shows

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More support opportunities will be available in the future, including opportunities to go on volunteer trips.

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Sometimes those with more are in positions to give more. Any donations given will go directly towards the events we do and to our monthly giveaways.

If you want to make a donation, please email us for our bank details.

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