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"What would life be if we had the courage to attempt anything?"

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Our Mission

To leave a positive impact and add to the quality of life through creativity, community and connection.

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Our Vision

Life is not easy. When all is said and done, we hope to have made the right choices. 
After all we only have one chance.







Stunning and Memorable

Exploring The Narrative

United Together

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The Team


Derrick Mensah

Founder & Creative Director

As Founder and Creative Director with extensive event planning experience, Derrick is an expert at the craft and is one of the most talented and creative people on this team. He wakes up everyday with new ideas, they never stop. His passion and love for people is second to none. This is evident in our mission to always ensure our events and opportunities enrich others.

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Our Partners

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BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Inside Out Well-being our partner for Gospel Jam 2023 deliver talks, workshops and healing sessions that provide psychology-based life skills to help you optimise your mental health and well-being.

They are a leading provider of culturally-informed well-being workshops in the UK.

Inside Out

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