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Its all about the lights, music and a captivating, immersive experience. Our shows will leave you wanting more.

You can check out some of our past events by visiting our YouTube Channel or Instagram page.

Visit our events page to see what we have coming up next.

Gospel Jam-Musical Play

Reoccurring every two years, our musical plays will allow you to see life from various perspectives. Each musical play will have a theme relevant to pressing issues in our society. From relationships, faith, mental health, personal growth and many more, our themed stories looks to offer potential solution scenarios.


The Praise Experience-Gospel Jam Concert

The praise experience is all about you, the audience. It's the concert edition of Gospel Jam and usually centres around a themed message, a specific gospel artist, era or gospel music around the world. The praise experience will leave you in awe.


Life nights is all about talent, food and interaction. A night to enjoy the arts at its absolute best. The night is usually filled with activities and will give you the opportunity to interact and connect with others. Once again, like all our shows, you will leave fulfilled.

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